Perth dad killed in Bali after night of drinking goes wrong

The father-of-one never returned home after heading out for a night on the town.

An Australian father has been tragically killed in Bali after allegedly being hit in the head with a wooden bar stool during a fight at a bar.

Troy Scott Johnston was found by his wife unresponsive with severe head injuries at Uncle Benz Cafe in South Kuta, Indonesia around 4am on Thursday morning.

An Indonesian man and owner of Uncle Benz Cafe, Gede Wijaya, is facing a murder charge over the incident, which was allegedly spurred by a drunken bar fight.

Perth man Troy Scott Johnston with his wife and child who was killed in Bali.
The Perth father of one, Troy Scott Johnston, was on holidays with his wife and son in Bali. Source: Nine News

The 40-year-old father of one was rushed to the Bimc Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

Wijaya, who was also the victims brother-in-law, said the incident was an accident and he had no intention of killing Johnston.

"He was drunk and lost control... I tried to calm him down. I am very sorry, I (didn't) have any intention to hurt him,” Wijaya told reporters in Bali.

Indonesian police said Mr Johnston’s wife, Ni Nyoman Purnianti, told them her husband went out for a night of drinking around 7.30pm.

"At 10.30pm Purnianti contacted Scott and he replied that he was still drinking," police said.

By 3:45am, Purnianti was concerned for her husband’s whereabouts and took her brother to go look for him.

Scott Johnston lies on a bed with his baby.
Mr Johnston was found by his wife unresponsive on the floor of the bar. Source: Nine News

"Purnianti and her brother were shocked after they found Johnston was lying in a pool of blood on the terrace of Uncle Benz Cafe," police said.

Indonesian police alleged Wijaya was also drinking alcohol at the time. The 20-year-old claimed Johnston was drunk and "throwing bottles on the street".

"Wijaya was attacked and slammed, they both wrestled on the floor, Scott quickly got up and grab a chair and throw it at Wijaya," police alleged.

The cafe owner allegedly grabbed the chair from Johnston's hand and spontaneously hit his head, causing him to fall down with severe head injuries.

Wijaya could be facing 15 years in jail in Indonesia if he’s found guilty of murder.

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