Bali tourist's dangerous scooter act leaves locals fuming

A woman ‘living her best life’ in Bali has come under scrutiny from locals after she was filmed dancing while driving a scooter without a helmet.

The woman, wearing shorts and a crop top, drives with one hand and waves the other in the air, appearing to dance as she drives along one of the island’s main roads.

Video of the dangerous act was taken on Sunday on Denpasar-Gilimanuk Road in Mendoyo, according to local media. The clip was uploaded to Instagram where locals were quick to slam the woman’s ‘disrespectful’ actions.

A woman drives a scooter in Bali wearing a crop top and no helmet.
The woman was filmed dancing while driving a scooter without a helmet in Bali. Source: Instagram/balilivin

“They should sit in BIMC (hospital) for an hour and watch all the scraped up tourists file in,” one person wrote. “It's disrespectful to endanger the locals. Pay the tiny amount for a driver or taxi.”

“Attention seeker, boring and not cool anymore,” another added.

“Foreigner break the rules,” someone else said, while others urged her to wear a helmet.

Several people pointed out that tourists aren’t the only ones ignoring road rules.

“Locals also break rules… it’s not about pointing fingers at a specific group of people for being “tourists” or for being “foreigners” doesn’t matter what or who you are …. Obey the rules in the country you are in, period,” one wrote.

“Maybe the locals would show a different example, also wearing helmets, not riding with five people,” another said.

Others wrote that the woman is simply “living her dream” in Bali.

Aussies injured, killed in scooter accidents

Australians visiting Bali have been seriously injured and even killed in accidents involving scooters and motorbikes.

In July, Keith Coughlan from Freemantle, was killed after crashing his scooter into a drainage ditch.

A local found his body in the early hours of Sunday morning while walking along the North Kuta road, noticing the victim’s legs trapped under the wreckage.

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