The touching reason why a shop owner drove three hours to deliver pizza

A shop owner drove for more than three hours to deliver two pizzas for a couple who couldn’t make their booking after receiving some devastating news.

Julie and Rich Morgan, from Indianapolis in the US, had been going to Steve’s Pizza in Michigan for 25 years and despite money being tight, the couple would fork out for the “gold standard” meal.

“Rich frequently critiqued other pizza as ‘good but, it’s no Steve’s’,” Ms Morgan wrote in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

Recently, the couple planned a weekend getaway to Michigan for Ms Morgan’s 56th birthday to “see the leaves and the lakeshore,” but the priority was going for a meal at Steve’s.

Julie Morgan shared a picture of the pizza and a heartfelt post after the touching act for her partner. Photo: Facebook

“Instead, I took Rich to the ER where he landed in ICU for five days, and where we learned the news that his valiant cancer battle was coming to an end,” Ms Morgan wrote.

“Rich is home under hospice care and we are enjoying every minute reminiscing and visiting with family and friends.”

Without telling the couple, Ms Morgan’s father contacted Steve’s pizza and spoke to the manager to explain the situation and ask if they would send well-wishes.

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Posted by Julie Morgan on Tuesday, October 16, 2018

But manager Dalton went above and beyond, asking what kind of pizza the couple wanted and telling them he would make the three-hour drive to Indianapolis to deliver it.

“While Rich and I slept, at 2:30 am, Dalton rolled into our driveway, left the car running and delivered two extra special pizzas to my waiting family,” Ms Morgan said.

“He told them we were in his prayers, and offered to help in any way he could.

“My dad offered to put him up in a hotel, but he refused and immediately left for the return trip home because he had to work the next day.

“Dalton brought our family so much joy – and the best pizza in the world – at a really difficult time.”