Photo of police officer's kind act charms the internet

A photo of a police officer getting down on his hands and knees to help a baby turtle safely cross a busy road has charmed the internet.

Wildlife lovers paid tribute to the kind-hearted cop, whose name was not reported, following his selfless act in the city of Kastoria in northern Greece.

The police officer was on duty when he spotted the baby turtle risking its life by trying to crawl across the busy road as vehicles sped by.

He got down on his hands and knees, carefully picked up the young animal and gently placed it in the palm of his hand.

The considerate officer then carried the baby turtle to the other side of the road and deposited it back down on the ground, among plants and bushes.

The police officer helping a turtle in the Greek city of Kastoria (pictured)
The police officer helping a turtle in Greece (pictured). Source: CEN/ Australscope

Photographs of the policeman’s good deed for the day made a big impression online after the General Regional Police Directorate of Western Macedonia shared them on social media.

Online commentators said that the officer had undoubtedly saved the little turtle from certain death as the stretch of road was notoriously busy with speeding cars.

“He showed he is a sensitive man. Congratulations!” one social media user said.

Another social media user praised the cop for saving the turtle from drivers who would have “smashed” the creature.

Picturesque Kastoria lies on the western shores of Lake Orestiada which is home to a host of wildlife, including turtles, although it is unclear what type of turtle it was.

This turtle was luckier than others, who have fallen victim to ocean pollution in the US.

-With CEN/ Australscope

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