TikTok menu hack video sees fast food worker fired

A teenager was fired by a popular fast-food joint for sharing ‘hacks’ on how to get a better deal on TikTok.

In July, TikTok user @Anasteeezy, or Ana, posted a video on the platform promising to share all the “tips and tricks” of secret menu items and how get things cheaper at Chick-fil-A, one of the largest fast-food chains in the US.

The 19-year-old who works for the chain, kickstarted what she promised to be a series of videos, giving people tips on the outlet’s seasonal drinks.

A Chick-fil-A worker was fired. after she shared a video with 'hacks' on how to get a better deal. Source: TikTok/
A Chick-fil-A worker was fired. after she shared a video with 'hacks' on how to get a better deal. Source: TikTok/anasteeezy

She suggested an alternative for one of the seasonal drinks and the video quickly racked up a bunch of likes and now has over 2.6 million views.

A week later, Ana posted another TikTok video where she shares the secrets of ‘frosted beverages’ Chick-fil-A had to offer.

In the video she is seen driving wearing what appears to be her work uniform, however the video took a turn when the video cuts to another clip of Ana announcing she was on her way to get fired.

“Psych guys,” she said in the video.

“I’m actually on my way to get fired now.”

In an interview with US media outlet Insider, she said she was sacked three days after posting the initial video, although her boss did not explicitly say it was to do with the video, instead saying Ana was not acting in the best interests of the company

“I personally don't believe it is fair for employees to be fired over viral videos," Ana told Insider.

"I'm sure I gave Chick-fil-A a bunch of free publicity and don't believe I should have been fired.”

In another video, detailing how she came to upload the first video, Ana said she received “messages and threats” from Chick-fil-A operators and and employees, allegedly trying to get her fired.

After she posted the first video, she got a phone call from her boss saying they needed to talk and that she needed to return her uniform.

On the video where she announced she had been fired, Ana was urged by other TikTok users to continue sharing Chick-fil-A secrets - which she did, in August the ex-employee uploaded another video alerting users to other “hacks”.

Sharing menu hacks on TikTok is nothing new - fast food employees have been sharing in-house secrets for quite some time and some have seen the same fate as Ana.

Last year, a woman who worked at a bakery fast-food chain in the US, Panera Bread, was fired after she revealed on TikTok how the mac-n-cheese was made.

Meanwhile, a woman from the US who once worked at McDonald’s shared some secrets she learned while working at the popular fast food chain across multiple videos on TikTok.

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