Former McDonald's worker reveals 'secrets' she learnt on the job

A TikTok user has revealed an array of “secrets” she learned while working at McDonald’s.

From lying about broken machines and how to avoid “old food”, Dessy Joseph, known on TikTok as ‘jodessy’, said she learned a lot while working at the fast food chain in the US.

Although she has not disclosed what location she worked at and for how long, she has so far made 23 videos about the so called tricks of the trade.

In one of her videos, which stream to her 560k followers, she claimed her colleagues often lied to customers about the thick shake machine being broken so they could avoid the gruelling task of replacing “heavy bags of shake mix”.

Pictured is TikTok user jodessy
A TikTok user is going viral for revealing the “secrets” from her time working at McDonald’s. Source: TikTok/jodessy

She also claimed her “location didn’t really clean the shake machine often” and dead insects could easily fall into the machine if staff weren’t careful.

“Dead flies and dirt collect at the top of the ice cream machine, so if you slide the top off without wiping it first, all those little buggies go in the ice cream mix,” she said.

She also said the best way to have the freshest food is to request “customisations” in your meal such as added cheese.

Another particularly helpful hack is to avoid the “lunch hour rush” because staff at her store would often make items in advance, Ms Joseph said.

“During the lunch rush we would make a certain amount of food that were popular items and leave them on the belt - it was heated so you couldn’t really tell if your food had been left on the belt.

“Which is where customisations come in, to make sure you don’t get food that’s been sitting on the belt,” she said.

The TikTok user also shared items from what she calls the “secret McDonald’s menu”.

Ms Joseph recommends “an Oreo McFlurry with caramel sauce”, and a “neapolitan shake” with chocolate, strawberry and caramel flavours mixed into one cup.

Ms Joseph said she has only worked at the one McDonald’s one location and that not all restaurants were run by the same management.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted McDonald’s Australia for comment.

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