Revealed: Ticket type that wins Oz Lotto the most

This could increase your chances... slightly. Image: Getty

Gambling is a game of chance, and punters will always lose more than they will win.

But as Oz Lotto reaches a $70 million prize, Australians are now wondering what entry type wins division one most frequently.

Oz Lotto has crunched the numbers.

“It was a marked System 8 entry that scored division one the most,” the Lotto spokesperson Bronwyn Spencer said.

“This entry type has strong form. This type of entry scored the most division one wins the last time Oz Lotto reached $70 million which was won by three winning entries – two of which were held by the same player who had marked the same numbers on a System 8 entry.”

What’s a lottery system entry?

A system entry is a type of entry that allows the gamblers to play more numbers in each game panel, “giving you more chances to win”, Spencer said. For two games, a System 8 entry will set you back $21.

“In fact one-in-five division one winning entries in Oz Lotto from the past three years were a system entry.”

But it’s not just system entries that have better histories.

The Lott revealed that 50-game QuickPick entries - where the numbers are chosen by the lottery terminal - are the second-most common entry type for division one wins. These tickets cost $65.65.

“It’s important to note that you don’t need a big entry to win. Sharing the spot for the third most common entry type is a six game QuickPick entry and a four game marked entry – some of the smallest entries you can play,” Spencer said.

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