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Unless you’ve been living under a Twitter-less rock since Sunday evening, you’re well aware that the most shared tweet of all time is now Ellen's Oscars selfie. The tweet, engineered by Ellen DeGeneres and Samsung, dethroned President Obama’s 2012 “Four more years” tweet (which, aficionados will note, did not feature a selfie).

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Here's a Selfie That Puts Ellen's Oscars Attempt to Shame


DeGeneres, Bradley Cooper and other movie stars were able to wrangle more than 2 million retweets for their selfie. The selfie, which started as an Internet curiosity, is now officially a mainstream trend that celebrities, astronauts, popes, presidents and animals have all gotten in on.

Photo: Twitter

One fighter pilot has now taken the selfie craze to incredible heights, snapping the moment a missile was fired.

The pilot of the Royal Danish Air Force jet managed to photograph himself as the AIM-9L/M Swidewinder was released.

So, in celebration of the selfie reaching new heights of popularity, we’ve rounded up some of the most famous, infamous and spectacular selfies in the short history of the vain medium.

Photo: Instagram

Though Pope Francis wasn’t the selfie-taker in the first ever papal selfie, he was a willing participant. We’ve heard that this pope is one of the most progressive leaders the Catholic Church has ever seen. Here’s photographic evidence.

Photo: Twitter

Here’s a smart-guy selfie sandwich, featuring President Barack Obama squished between Bill Nye the Science Guy and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. C’mon, Instagram. Can we get a few more likes for this one?

Photo: Daily Mail

Monkey see, monkey selfie? When a black macaque got hold of a wildlife photographer’s camera, she proceeded to take a couple of pictures of herself (pretty nice snaps, too). The pictures and full story from the photographer were featured in an article by the Daily Mail in 2011.

Photo: Instagram

A shirtless Bieber selfie was the first Instagram video to reach 1 million likes. Why, you ask? Well, shirtless … Bieber … selfie, that’s why. Click here to watch it.

Photo: Twitter

This image of an orbiting astronaut was uploaded to the NASA website and subsequently tweeted by BuzzFeed’s Andrew Kaczynski as the “Best selfie ever.” The post launched to almost 3,000 retweets and more than 1,000 favorites. We think it’s out of this world, universally great and deserves a space on our list. (Sorry.)

Photo: Instagram

Despite the more than 1 million “likes” she received, Kim Kardashian ruffled a few feathers when she posted this selfie showing off her post-pregnancy body.

Photo: AdWeek

Yes, this is a photoshopped selfie, but we thought it was worth including. The Times Square kiss photo from the end of World War II was among the many famous images reimagined as selfies by the Cape Times South African newspaper. Also included in the bunch: selfies of Winston Churchill, John and Jacqueline Kennedy, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Photo: Tumblr

I don’t think you’re ready for this selfie. Though easily mistaken for a photobomb (a topic for a whole other listicle), the “Beyonce and fan” photo, taken during one of the star’s concerts, was confirmed to be an unplanned selfie on the picture-taker’s Tumblr.

Photo: Twitter

Listed under the “infamous” category, this Geraldo Rivera half-nude selfie was tweeted last year by the journalist with a “70 is the new 50” caption. After a bit of negative attention, the tweet was deleted by Rivera, but we’re afraid it cannot be deleted from your visual cortex.

Photo: Instagram/Star Wars

Harnessing the true power of the Dark Side of the selfie, Disney decided to kick off its Star Wars Instagram account with Darth Vader grabbing a pic of himself. Note: One might point out that this isn’t a selfie; in fact, it’s a picture of Vader taking a selfie. We’ll take it, though.

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