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Bunbury model s brush with Sandy
Bunbury model's brush with Sandy

New York-based Bunbury model Caitlin Lomax has ridden out superstorm Sandy in her Brooklyn apartment saying she ‘‘wasn’t hit too hard’’.

Miss Lomax told the South Western Times it was ‘‘crazy windy’’ but, unlike other parts of the city, she did not lose electricity.

‘‘We knew when they closed the tunnels and bridges between Brooklyn and Manhattan it was going to be pretty serious,’’ she said.

‘‘The public transport system is going to be down until they drain all the flooded tunnels.

‘‘No one knows how long that will take but I dare say they won’t be running again today (Wednesday) at least.’’

New York was among the hardest hit areas when the post-tropical hurricane reachedland on Tuesday— causing power outages, flooding and halting transport.

Yesterday authorities said there had been at least 33 deaths in the US.

The in-demand model had flown in from Tokyo only hours before JFK International Airport was closed and did not have much time to prepare for the storm.

‘‘I went to the supermarket near my place and grabbed a heap of tinned food and all the bottled water I could,’’ she said.

Miss Lomax said she spent the storm watching updates on social networking sites Facebook and Instagram.

‘‘I honestly haven’t seen the extent of the damage but some of the reports I saw on CNN look crazy,’’ she said.

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