Science fun for students
Science fun for students

Castletown Primary School students had a blast exploring the wonderful world of science last week as part of National Science Week activities.

Science teacher Jenna Mather said activities included chemical reactions, such as seeing what happens when skittles were mixed with milk and, in another experiment, with soft drinks.

“They really loved to see mess go everywhere, ” she said.

The students also had fun learning about the aerodynamics of flight, making parachutes and rockets with alka seltzer tablets in film canisters and dressing up as mad scientists last Friday. Ms Mather said she had up to 80 students visiting the school’s science lab during recess and lunchtimes throughout the week to take part in the experiments.

“The kids have had a blast, they’ve really enjoyed it,” Ms Mather said. “It’s helped open their eyes to science and finding out that it is hands-on and can be fun.

“But it’s also education as well.”

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