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The Trip - Changes to a T
The Trip - Changes to a T

Long-time beer drinker and The Sip editor Ross Lewis casts his eye over the kegs from here and abroad. Here The Sip visits Scotland for a look around.

The brewery might have been around since 1556.

But even Tennents, the producers of one of Scotland’s favourite brews, understands you have to move with the drinkers.

The Glasgow-based operation continues to produce one of the better lagers in the UK, albeit so much better from a tap than a can.

However, next door to their castle a new, microbrewery has opened to cater for the new breed of beer lover.

Tennents has a large share in Drygate so it isn’t as thought the enemy is operating within the shadows.

But Drygate is different. It is as modern as Tennents is traditional. As the large brewer sticks with recipe, Drygate likes to experiment.

And the younger premises is very keen on food-beer pairing.

Drygate are big on craft beer. Whether it is the three they produce on site – Gladeye IPA, which is delightful, Outaspace Apple Ale or the Bearface Lager – or a raft of specialty beers on tap, Drygate is bringing a new phenomenon to Scotland.

This isn’t your normal gastro-pub. It might be something familiar to Australians. However, it is a new phenomenon in the northern UK.

Tennents is in 72 per cent of Scottish pubs.

And it has had strong success with a brew that might also appeal on our shores.

The Tennents Lemon T is a 2.9 per cent lager that gives a bit of taste without the alcohol kick.

Some of Tennents samples.

But the Tennents Lager remains the core brand. Maybe it is the renowned soft Glasgow water but the beer does have a solid flavour.

Indeed, of the raft of Lagers consumed during The Sip’s visit to the UK, Tennents was clearly the most rewarding.

Its operation is well worth a visit if you’re in Scotland.

Make sure you finish at Drygate because there are so many tastes on offer.

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