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The Sip #8 - The Chancer Golden Ale
The Sip #8 - The Chancer Golden Ale

Long-time beer drinker Ross Lewis puts some of Australia's favourite drops to the test.

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Sometimes in the beer world it is good to be a pour man.

While one of James Squire’s more recognisable products is good in packaged form, there is something more refreshing about The Chancer Golden Ale when it comes from a tap.

Even better when the keg can fit into your fridge.

One of Lion brewing’s six choices for its use-at-home Tap King dispenser is the amber drink common in pubs around WA. The others are XXXX Gold, Hahn SuperDry, James Boag’s Premium, Tooheys New and Tooheys Extra Dry.

More of Lion’s products could come on line soon.

And like the draught from the hotel pipes, the Tap King gives The Chancer the edge in taste.

Simply buy one of the 3.2-litre bottles on sale at most liquor outlets, snap it into the Tap King head dispenser and you have the chance to pour like a brewmaster.

But there are some rules. First, the kegs must be chilled for at least nine hours before connecting to the Tap King. And only push the tap handle back about 45 degrees when pouring to ensure the right mix of fluid and head.

Your first glass might be a bit frothy as the gasses settle but the Tap King will quickly deliver The Chancer Golden Ale with a much superior mouthfeel to that of a stubby or can.

The most striking element to this ale’s appearance is its rich golden colour, something that doesn’t always shine through in the other vessels.

There is a tinge of honey in the aroma and a hint of citrus, probably more akin to mandarin.

And there is the taste of yeast and a mid-range bitterness, a bit stronger than you get in most golden ales.

Certainly a good brew — and way — to share with a mate.

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