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Perth Bachelorette finds love
Alan Wilkie, failed on The Bachelor but has still found love.

She failed to win Perth bachelor Blake Garvey on national television but off screen WA beauty Alana Wilkie has already found love.

The 26-year-old model inadvertently unveiled her new relationship with WAFL footballer Chris Billings at the weekend after posting a loved-up happy- snap on her Instagram page.

While some viewers were outraged to learn of her fate on Ten's reality dating series, Wilkie insists she never intended to stir trouble.

"I've been off the show for a long time, so I just got caught up in the moment, I didn't think twice about it," the former Miss Universe WA finalist told AAA yesterday.

"Then I think a couple of days later I deleted the photo but someone on my Facebook had already spread it around, so I just didn't think that was going to happen."

Although she has known Billings "for years" through her social circle, she only recently decided to act on her feelings for the football hunk after departing The Bachelor house.

"I started dating him two months ago," she reveals.

"I was pretty keen on him and when I got back I called him and was like: 'Should we catch up, because I'm back in Perth?' So we did and it pretty much went from there."

But if Wilkie's Instagram post is anything to go by, things already look to be getting serious between the couple.

Chris Billings and Alana Wilkie. Picture: Supplied

"It definitely seems like it's love," she gushes. "We definitely both want families and both want to be married before we have children.

"My parents love him and I get along with his parents really well, so I'm happy with that."

Although unable to win Garvey's affections, Wilkie says she is happy with how things panned out.

"I didn't get a one-on-one date and I think at the time I left I felt like I was ready to leave," she says.

"I loved the experience, it was so great to meet Blake and even the opportunity to meet all the girls, they were such a great bunch."

Luckily for Wilkie, her departure meant she missed the arrival of the new bachelorettes, who are set to shake up the house in tonight's episode.

"It sounds and looks like it just turned to mayhem when the girls arrived," she laughs. "I'm really happy that I left."

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