'That's epic': Incredible moment croc tries to steal fisherman's catch

Samuel Hussey
News Reporter

A couple of keen anglers visiting their mate in the Northern Territory got more than they bargained for when he took them out for a three-day fishing trip in the region’s croc-infested waters.

It was business as usual for Anthony Bergamo, who runs East Arnhem Fishing Adventures, when he threw his line in the water at Buckingham Bay, some 180km off his hometown of Nhulunbuy last week.

But as for his mates Scott Lowther and Kevin Hogg, who had flown in from Tasmania and Perth, they could hardly believe their eyes at what was unfolding just inches away from their feet

Already pretty stunned when they reeled in 90 barramundi in just 90 minutes, the visitors were left in a state of awe when a three-metre crocodile jumped out of the water and decided he wanted in on the action.

Scott Lowther just managed to save his catch from the hungry crocodile at Buckingham Bay. Source: Supplied
So close! A crocodile chases the barramundi. Source: Supplied
Nearly! Source: Supplied

“He just decided that he wanted that one and he was mad keen on it,” Anthony told Yahoo News.

Kevin quickly grabbed the GoPro, while Scott worked to keep his catch out of the jaws of the beast and Anthony laughed his head off from the bow of the boat.

The remarkable footage, supplied to Yahoo News, shows the croc sizing up the catch before making multiple attempts to snatch the fish from the line.

While he didn’t get that one, the boys made sure he was rewarded for his efforts and gave him another fish for his lunch.

Kevin Hogg (left) and Scott Lowther were all smiles after their exciting day on the water. Source: Supplied

“He basically just followed us until we stopped catching fish and then he headed off,” Anthony explained.

While it was just another day in the office for the charter fisherman, he understands it’s not something most people get to see while at work.

“They were in awe… old mate on the camera is just going ‘that’s epic’,” he laughed.