Terrifying reason stranger plastered notes ‘all over’ woman’s car

A driver has returned to her car to find it plastered with notes warning her of a hidden danger.

The Sunshine Coast woman posted in a local Facebook page she noticed four signs stuck to her car that was parked in Currimundi on Monday morning.

“SNAKE 2m under car in around engine,” the note said.

After originally thinking it was a prank, the woman praised the kind stranger who warned her about the snake hiding under her car hood and called Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 to safely retrieve it.

“Thank you to the person who took the time to make four signs and post them all over my car as a warning,” she said.

A note on a car window says, "SNAKE 2m under car in around engine'.
A stranger left notes on the woman's car warning her of the snake. Source: Facebook

Residents praise person who left warning notes

Locals were shocked by the ordeal and applauded the person who left the note warning of the snake.

“Nice of someone to warn you, there are still good people around,” one said.

“Legend. Saved the snake’s life and potentially horrible experience for you,” another commented.

“Now that could have caused an accident. Thank [God] the person saw it and warned you,” a third added.

The woman commented on the Facebook post the terrifying incident saw her miss her workout.

Snake catcher finds huge reptile instantly

Snake Catcher Stuart McKenzie told Yahoo News Australia said as soon as he opened car’s bonnet they found the reptile instantly.

“There were too many notes left on the car for it to be a prank. They’ve gone to a lot of effort to put four or five notes on the car,” he said.

The snake catcher added the person who left the notes was an “absolute legend”.

A snake is coiled up on an engine under a woman's bonnet.
The snake was hiding in the bonnet of the Queensland woman's car. Source: Facebook

“Most people would keep walking and not worry about it,” he said.

“If she drove, the snake either would have come out on the windscreen and could’ve caused a crash or the snake could have been injured and damaged the car.

“It could’ve been a bad situation so it was really good of that person to go and get paper and a pen and come back, they went to a lot of effort.”

Two-metre carpet python safely relocated

Mr McKenzie said the two-metre carpet python was caught and safely relocated in the bush away from homes.

It comes after a NSW council worker returned to his car in November to find a note warning him of an unwanted passenger trying to hitch a ride.

“Hey Mate, a big red bellied black snake crawled into your rear tyre well and disappeared,” a note left on his car in Sydney’s Northern Beaches said.

However the driver failed to find the reptile and continued on with his day until he smelt something burning in his engine.

He later discovered the snake under the bonnet of his car before it was safely relocated.

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