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Warning after Sydney beachgoers spot a deadly surprise

Surf life savers at a beach in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs have issued a warning to locals after a venomous snake was spotted on a busy coastal walkway.

South Maroubra SLSC said a red-belly black snake was seen “roaming around” the coastal walkway just to the north of the club.

The club reminded beachgoers to avoid bushes and vegetation in dune areas and stick to paths as snake season heats up.

Maroubra Beach packed with swimmers on December 27 2020
The busy Maroubra Beach is a popular spot for Sydney siders to cool down over Christmas and the New Year. Source: Maroubra SLSC

The club issued the warning on their Facebook page just days after the beach was packed with people enjoying the sunshine over Christmas.

“Just another reminder after one of our ‘red belly black snake’ neighbours was spotted very recently roaming around the coastal walkway just to the north of the club!

“Advice is to stay out of bushes and vegetation in dune areas and watch your step on pathways!”

The club first started reminding beach-goers to keep an eye out for snakes in November last year and as the weather heats up, snake sightings are going to become more common.

Ranger Jackie, from Hands on Wildlife told Yahoo News Australia the best thing to do if you come across one it to just leave it alone.

“Snakes don’t have very good eyesight, so if you stand still the snake won’t feel threatened or scared,” she said.

The Maroubra SLSC and a red-bellied black snake spotted nearby
The red-bellied black snake was spotted on the coastal walkway just to the north of the club. Source: Google Maps/Maroubra SLSC

Ranger Jackie explained snakes usually only bite when they feel threatened, so slowly backing away being careful not to startle the snake is the best way to handle an encounter.

“With snakes, all they really want is to get away from you,” she said.

“They think everything is going to eat them, so they’re scared of everything.”

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