'My worst fear': Driver finds 'most Australian note ever' on car

A NSW council member has returned to his car to find a startling note warning him of an unwanted passenger who may have hitched a ride.

“Hey Mate, a big red bellied black name crawled into your rear tyre well and disappeared. Just wanted to let you know,” the note left by a concerned Good Samaritan in the Northern Beaches, north of Sydney, read.

After an inspection failed to find the reptile, the driver decided to continue on with his day.

That was until he smelt something burning in his engine.

A note left for a driver on his car.
The driver returned to find a note warning him about a snake (left) and a few minutes later, he found the snake in the engine (right). Source: Facebook/Northern Beaches Council

Lifting up the bonnet of his car, he discovered a large red bellied black snake curled up inside.

Northern Beaches Council posted photos of the note and snake to Facebook on Wednesday to remind locals that as the weather heats up, snakes are becoming more active.

“Luckily the red-bellied black snake is A-okay and has been safely relocated. Big thanks to the person who took the time to leave a note for the driver,” the council said.

The post quickly gained popularity with many people wondering who the mystery person was that left the note.

“Possibly the most Australian note ever written!” one amused local wrote.

“Well thank God there are some decent humans left,” another person commented.

A red-bellied black snake that hitched a ride inside a car.
The red-bellied black snake is unharmed and has been safely relocated, council said. Source: Facebook/Northern Beaches Council

A few people praised the driver for his bravery.

“I am just confused as to why he didn't sell the car upon reading the note,” one person pondered.

“See I would’ve left my car - it’s the snakes car now,” another wrote.

“This is my worst fear,” a third person added.

The council reminded people to call a professional if they spot a snake.

WIRES 1300 094 737 or Sydney Wildlife 9413 4300

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