Terrifying moment toddler is flung from stolen car captured on CCTV

Video shows a two-year-old boy hit the road while the stolen car takes off with two other children inside.

Horrifying security footage shows the moment a child was flung out of a moving, stolen car while the thief tried to make a getaway with more children inside.

A doorbell camera captured the terrifying ordeal outside a home in the US state of Washington on Wednesday morning (local time), Fox News reported.

In the clip shared on Facebook, a man can be seen walking past the SUV parked on a driveway in Kent with its engine on before he runs up to the driver’s side door and jumps in.

As he speeds off, leaving smoke in his wake, a girl screaming is filmed sprinting from the driveway towards the front door of the property.

The man jumping into the car (left) and the girl running inside while the toddler falls out of the car (right).
Terrifying footage captured the two-year-old boy being flung out of the stolen Ford Explorer outside the home in Kent, Washington. Source: Fox News

But it’s what’s happening behind her that has left viewers shocked.

As the man takes off down the road, two black items can be seen bouncing out of the vehicle and onto the road. One of those is a small boy.

As he gets to his feet, seemingly unharmed, a second woman can be seen running out of the house and after the vehicle screaming. Behind her follows the first girl who spots the boy and veers towards him before changing direction and chasing after the woman.

The footage ends with the crying child running across the grass and towards the home.

Four children were in the car when thief struck

A total of four children were inside the running Ford Explorer when the thief jumped in the front seat outside the property in East Hill just before 7am, KEPR TV reported.

Before he could drive off, one of the four kids managed to escape and ran inside screaming for her mum. It was her two-year-old brother in the backseat that was filmed rolling out of the SUV as the driver fled.

The mother and daughter chasing the thief down the street while the little boy stands on the road.
The mother and daughter were filmed chasing the thief down the street while the little boy ran crying towards the house. Source: Fox News

The two children still in the car were the toddler’s twin brother and their seven-year-old sister.

Fortunately police were called right away and a search ended with the discovery of the vehicle 20 minutes later, just a mile away with both children still inside and unharmed.

The children’s aunt told KOMO News the seven-year-old girl had asked the man to take them home but he said no because he didn’t want to go to jail.

A search is now on for the driver who fled the scene.

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