Terrifying moment parents watch daughter held at gunpoint in home invasion

Footage has emerged showing the terrifying moment a mum and dad watched on as their daughter was held at gunpoint during a home invasion in Pasadena, in the US state of Texas.

The horrifying scenes were captured on the family's Ring home security camera and showed at least two masked figures, which appear to be men, storm through the house with weapons.

The shocking incident occurred on April 20 prompting an investigation by local police, who later confirmed the invasion on Facebook.

The heart-stopping video, which was reportedly shared on social media by the worried mum, shows the young girl lying face down on the living room floor alongside a male friend.

Ring security footage man pointing gun at two people laying on floor of home
Ring home security footage captured the home invasion as the parents watch their daughter being held at gunpoint. Source: Ring

The masked intruder waves an assault rifle above their heads as the girl can be heard saying "oh my god" repeatedly.

A second girl, believed to be a relative of the daughter, is pulled to her feet by one of the men and pushed towards the door leading to the bedroom.

The worried parents watched the dramatic scenes from their Ring mobile app, but weren't able to do anything to help, the mum revealed.

"My husband and I were not home and I cannot tell you what I felt seeing this on my Ring app in real-time and not being able to help them," the mother wrote on Facebook.

"It was hard for us to watch as it was happening."

All they could do was attempt to scare off the intruders through the camera's microphone as the dad starts yelling: "Hey, who's in my house?"

The gunman looks up from his hostages for a moment, then returns his gaze to the daughter still lying on the floor while holding his gun over her back.

"I got you on camera!" the dad continues to yell.

A woman's voice, the girl's mother, chimes in. "The cops are on the way!" she says.

"My neighbours are there, they're calling the cops right now! Y'all better get out of my house!" they yell.

The footage ends not long after the second girl emerges from the room she was forced into earlier and shoved to the ground by the masked intruder.

The man appears loaded with stolen possessions as they disappear off camera.

Footage showing two home intruders with guns
The parents attempt to scare off the men through the security system's microphone as the intruders stormed through their house. Source

Suspects known to the victims

Pasadena Police department believes it was a targeted attack "by known suspects of the victims".

In a statement they released on Facebook two days later they said there's "no continuous, direct threat to the community."

In the mum's initial post she revealed there was a "reason to believe the [second] girl in the video was involved" despite appearing to be tormented by the men.

In the comments, she later revealed the girl is her husband's niece and the men supposedly used her to storm into the house, although police did not confirm.

"She told my daughter she needed clothes from my garage. After she came in the two guys rushed my daughter with guns and told her to go inside where I was able to capture it with my Ring app," the woman revealed.

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