Teens spotted riding on top of moving bus as 'foolish' Aussie trend continues

Risking their lives to get social media content, the teens have people worried it is only a matter of time before there is a serious injury.

Daredevil teenagers continue to ride on top of city buses, taking their lives in their hands in a bid for social media views, as motorists watch on terrified someone will soon get seriously hurt. So-called bus surfing involves hanging onto the back of or riding on the roof of a bus, and its been shocking drivers for years now despite authorities condemning the "foolish" behaviour.

Two incidents were caught on camera in the last two weeks in Sydney, with teens clambering on top of public buses to hitch a free ride as it travels down the street. The most recent was in Manly, with three males caught sticking out the roof hatch while one extended his arm and captured the stunt on camera.

Three boys sit on top of a red bus headed to Burwood in Sydney's west (left) and three teenagers stand in the roof hatch filming their travels (right).
Aussie teenagers are bus surfing for social media content, taking extreme risks. Source: TikTok and Instagram

In the city’s west teenagers were spotted sitting on the roof with seemingly nothing to hold onto, as members of the public attempted to alert the bus driver of the unwelcome hitchhikers.

NSW Police told Yahoo News it is aware of the incidents and investigations were underway.

After footage of the incidents were posted online Aussies shared how sick of the trend they were, pointing out how it risks all involved.

"Poor bus driver having to deal with these hooligans," one said, while another claimed her husband has stopped teenagers from "tampering" with other parts of the bus.

"I'm appalled at this reckless and irresponsible behaviour," a third commented.

After a similar incident occurred in Canberra last year, the ACT Police issued a warning to all who intended to participate in the trend.

"This behaviour is incredibly foolish, and likely to lead to serious injuries," a spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia." A person runs the risk of falling onto the road and then possibly being run over by other vehicles... falling at any speed faster than walking is likely to lead to significant injuries."

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