Uber Eats worker banned for delivering food on horseback

Stanley Chen has confessed the viral video has seen him temporarily removed from the food-delivery platform.

An Uber Eats delivery worker claims he has been banned from the platform after it received word he delivered a customer's food order on horseback.

This week Stanley Chen was spotted riding a black horse down Oxford Street in Sydney's inner east adorned with his Uber Eats jacket and delivery backpack, with a video shared online by a passing pedestrian soon going viral. In the clip, which has now amassed millions of views, people can be seen stopping to take videos and laughing at the unusual scene on the busy shopping strip.

Now, Chen says he has been banned by Uber due to the stunt.

"Look at what just happened, I got banned! I can't believe this," he shared in a video on Thursday, displaying the correspondence from the company.

The Uber Eats horse stunt with Stanley Chen riding a black horse in Oxford Street in Sydney (left). Stanley Chen holds a hand to his face after receiving word he was banned.
The Uber Eats horse stunt has ended with Stanley Chen being banned from working with the company. Source: TikTok

Uber sends horse rider clear message over stunt

Chen, who makes YouTube videos often involving subversive stunts, shared a screenshot of the message he received from Uber which explained it had received "concerning feedback" from someone he had delivered food to — pointing to the fact it was aware he had been "delivering orders on animal [sic]".

Stanley Chen points to the message he received on the app telling him he was banned.
Uber notified Chen he was banned via the app. Source: TikTok

The message said Chen had been temporarily blocked while the company reviewed the situation.

However Chen jokingly clapped back arguing his horse Laylani is not an animal but is instead "a Queen" and should not be removed from the food-delivery platform. He urged others to contact Uber to push back against its decision.

"If you want to see me and Laylani do more Uber delivery orders go message [Uber] and tell them to unban me," he said.

Yahoo News has reached out to Chen for comment.

An investigation into the incident is commenced Uber telling NCA NewsWire on Thursday it prioritises safety on the platform.

"There’s no horsing around when it comes to safety on our platform," a Uber spokesperson said. Yahoo News has reached out to Uber for comment.

Yahoo News understands the suspension of Chen's account has now been lifted.

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