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Aussie McDonald's customer shocks staff with drive-thru stunt

Employees weren't expecting to serve this type of customer at the drive-thru window.

A woman has shocked employees at a Queensland McDonald's restaurant with her unconventional approach to the morning coffee run.

In a video of the encounter shared on TikTok, the customer can be seen rocking up to the Yarrabilba Macca's drive-thru — on a horse.

"It says 'no pedestrians', but it doesn't say 'no horses', so we're good," the rider says as she and her steed make their way up to the cashier's window after arriving undetected.

McDonald's customer riding a horse in drive-thru lane
The woman was warmly welcomed by McDonald's workers when she turned up at the drive-thru on horseback. Source: TikTok/@sme_centre

The staffer at the window was unsurprisingly taken aback to come face-to-face with a horse, but happily proceeded to take the customer's order and give the mare a pat on the nose.

By the time the customer arrived at the next window to pick up her latte, she and her horse had created a commotion in the kitchen, prompting the next server to whip out her phone and capture her own video of the moment.

'Only in Australia'

Aussie viewers were stunned that the woman was served on horseback, to which she replied, "We were lucky". Indeed she was lucky, as McDonald's drive-thru policy is to only serve people who are driving a motorised vehicle.

Nonetheless, staff on this occasion were tickled by the unusual experience. "They were all smiles and giggles," the TikToker told a follower, later adding, "I love making people smile."

Viewers were equally delighted by the incident. "I never thought I'd see someone ordering coffee from McDonald's on horseback, but here we are! This video made my day," commented one. "Smiles... only in Australia," gushed another.

To those who wondered how she mustered the courage to ride a horse in the Macca's drive-thru lane, the woman declared, "I have no shame," and joked that she "just had to with fuel prices".

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