'Dirty' dog act at McDonald's Melbourne restaurant divides internet

'Who doesn’t love some dog anus on their Macca's table?' an outraged observer asked on social media.

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Customers photographed with their dog inside a Melbourne McDonald’s restaurant has infuriated people online.

In an image posted on social media, a man can be seen sitting at a table with his back to the camera, while a woman stands facing him, with her head down. Next to the couple a small black and white dog, believed to be a long haired chihuahua, is standing on top of the table.

“Who doesn’t love some dirty dog anus on their Maccas table?” the Reddit user wrote on Sunday.

The dog sitting on the table next to the man and woman at the Melbourne McDonald's (left) and a close up of the dog (right).
A customer at a McDonald's in Melbourne photographed the dog on the table. Source: Reddit/blokeonreddit

People horrified by couple's dog on the table

One eagle-eyed reader said they recognised the store as the McDonald's on the corner of St Kilda Road and Toorak Road. “I used to work there,” they said, describing the store as “horrendous.”

Plenty of others were also horrified at the behaviour. “I love animals but that is rank,” one person wrote. “People are gross and don’t care about anything other than themselves,” another commented.

“Yeah it’s not fine dining [but it] doesn’t mean your disgusting dog can sit on the table,” someone else said. “Taking dogs to restaurants and just being inside generally should not be a thing unless they’re a guide dog,” added another. This ‘take my dog everywhere with me’ culture is weird. Leave it at home.”

'Not sure why this would bother you'

But some Reddit users were quick to defend the act. “You’re at Maccas, that dog anus is probably the cleanest thing there,” one person wrote. “Get over it,” another said. “The air you breathe and the Maccas you eat is almost as bad.”

“Unless you’re planning on licking the table, I’m not sure why this would bother you,” someone else commented. “Who eats their food directly off the table?” asked another. “Always eat off the bag.”

In a statement to Yahoo News Australia, McDonald's said it has a no-animals policy.

“We do not allow dogs into our restaurants for safety and hygiene purposes with the exception of support animals," a spokesperson for the fast food chain said. “We expect customers to follow the restaurant entry rules.

“Our restaurants follow strict cleaning, sanitisation and hygiene procedures at all times.”

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