Uber Eats customer's shock find in takeaway pizza: 'That could kill someone'

The business owner has since called on Uber Eats to immediately investigate how the 'deadly' find came to be in the food.

An Aussie business owner has urged Uber to immediately investigate after a customer who ordered a pizza from his restaurant found screws in it, which he claims may have been put there by a disgruntled delivery driver after an argument.

Aman Sidhu who runs Bradman Pizza House in Adelaide said he checked CCTV footage from the time when the pizza was made and claimed "there was no problem from our end". He said all was normal when he sent the pizza out for delivery until he got a shock call from the customer explaining what had happened.

In this image a screw is seen inside a prawn and pineapple pizza from Bradman Pizza House in Cowandilla in Adelaide.
The owners at Bradman Pizza House in Cowandilla in Adelaide have complained to Uber after a customer claimed to have found screws in their meal. Source: 9News

Restaurant deflects blame after screws found in pizza

"When we received the call from the customer, my business partner, he answered the phone and he was shocked as well," Sidhu told 9News. "We have checked the CCTV footage which shows there is no problem from our side. Everything was fine."

Sidhu claimed that he combed through the surveillance footage meticulously, but there were no signs of the sharp objects being added to the pizza during the cooking process. Though the customer was sent a new pizza, the business owner has since called on Uber to urgently look into the matter.

CCTV footage of the pizza being made at In this image a screw is seen inside a prawn and pineapple pizza from Bradman Pizza House in Cowandilla in Adelaide.
Business owners at Bradman Pizza House say they checked CCTV footage and found no evidence the food had been tampered with. Source: 9News

Sidhu added that his chefs were immediately questioned and said it would have been impossible for the screws to get there by mistake.

"We sent the food to the customer and brought back the pizza in which there was screws," he said.

Uber driver slammed after shock find in food

Sidhu's business partner Vish Tiwari said the situation could've easily turned deadly.

"Any kid eating it and the screw gets stuck in their throat, he could actually kill someone. Or someone gets tooth damage, who is going to pay for the dentist?" Tiwari said, adding that there had been a minor argument involving the delivery driver before the food was sent out.

Bradman Pizza House has complained to Uber and froze the contaminated pizza to keep as evidence.

Uber told 9News it takes "reports of tampering with orders very seriously with anyone found guilty to lose permanent access to its app". Yahoo News Australia has contacted both the pizza parlour and Uber for comment.

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