Aussie woman calls out Uber Eats after ‘scary’ alleyway encounter

The woman's request to meet the delivery driver at her Perth hotel lobby was rejected.

An Aussie woman claims she was faced with a terrifying encounter when she was forced to pick up her Uber Eats delivery in an alleyway from "two strange men", one of whom was not the registered driver.

Young content creator, Lillith, had ordered food to be delivered to her hotel in Perth, requesting for them to drop it off in her hotel lobby. After an hour, she got a message saying her driver was there but when she went to meet him in the designated spot, she couldn't find him.

That's when she went outside and realised that the car at the end of the alleyway next to the hotel was the person with her food.

"Uber is showing me I'm going to have one man that is in a car and they're going to meet me inside of my lobby where I'm on camera. But I have these two dudes honking at me to come out. Like, surely that's not safe," she said online.

Lilith revealed the "really weird" encounter turned out be fine despite walking away with cold food and a racing heart. But it made her question why a lone female was facing such a situation.

Two images side by side. Both are a close up of Lillith with black hair tied back.
Uber Eats delivery driver lures Aussie into an alleyway for delivery. Source: Supplied

Daytime Uber Eats delivery doesn't make it safe

Lillith had ended up going into the alleyway because it was day time, but commenters didn't agree with her, saying how dangerous it could have been no matter the time.

"Girl be safe. I’ve had that happen. I reported and had them re-send my order. I’m not leaving the lobby," one person shared.

"You should have never went down that alley. Safety is more important then cold food," another said in concern.

Theory behind 'scary' Uber Eats encounter

Lillith believes the two men were sharing one vehicle and collecting mass orders to make as much cash as they could.

"[The car] was absolutely covered in all these different Uber Eats orders. What I'm assuming is both guys were using their phones and they were doing multiple orders at once — more than they're meant to — and that's why it was taking so long," she speculated.

Uber Eats reiterates delivery guidelines

A customer can specify whether they want the driver to leave at door, meet outside, meet at door and can also add other special instructions. Once they have arrived, the driver is asked to follow customer directions for completing the drop off.

If any issues arise, Uber have a support team which includes experienced former law enforcement professionals.

"Safety is our top priority and we have a robust processes and cutting edge features built into our technology to support the safety of everyone who uses our app. If an Eater has any issues with the delivery, we encourage them to immediately report their concerns," Uber Eats told Yahoo News Australia.

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