Aussie woman's 'uncomfortable' surprise hiding in bathroom

A snake catcher is having a good old laugh after the incident.

An Aussie woman got more than she bargained for when she hopped out of the shower to find a snake curled around her toilet roll holder.

"She'd actually fully showered and everything and she hadn't noticed that the snake was on the toilet roll," snake catcher Luke Huntley told Yahoo News Australia. "She said she saw it in her peripheral vision and then realised what it was and that's when she called me.

Snake on toilet roll holder
The snake catcher 'lost it' when he saw where the python had curled up for a snooze. Source: M. Huntley

Mr Huntley was on his way back from another snake call-out when he received the woman's cry for help on Tuesday afternoon. "Obviously she wasn't doing great at the time," he said. "She was feeling quite uncomfortable."

By the time Mr Huntley arrived at the woman's address on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, she was already outside. "She had closed the door like I told her to do and locked the snake in the bathroom," he recalled. "I just walked in and walked up to it, took the photo, and then caught it."

The cold-blooded guest turned out to be a carpet python, which, while nonvenomous, has razor sharp teeth that can cause serious damage.

While it was a close call for the homeowner, Mr Huntley said he "lost the plot" when he saw where the snake was resting. "I thought it was so funny," he laughed. "It was the most hilarious spot for it."

How did the snake get in?

After grabbing the unwanted intruder and putting it inside his snake bag, Mr Huntley and the homeowner had a look around to see where it got in.

"She explained to me that there was a hole in the floor from where they'd been doing the renovations and that's how it got in," the rep from Snake Catcher Noosa 24/7 said. "So basically, when it's really really hot, and because we're having really hot, dry weather at the moment, snakes will find places to sit and stay cool. And this little snake obviously thought that coming in and getting out of the sun was a good spot and that's just the place he chose to curl up."

Two pics of snake catcher holding pythons
As the weather heats up, and snakes look for a place to cool down, Aussies have been urged to keep their screen doors and windows closed. Source: M. Huntley

Snake advice for Aussies

With the weather only set to get hotter, Luke urged residents to make sure their homes are snake proof. "The advice is really, really simple," he said. "Just make sure there's no holes in your house that lead inside and keep all your doors and windows shut and you'll be absolutely fine.

"The same rules apply for keeping spiders and ants and flies and mozzies out. You keep the screens and doors closed, and you won't get snakes coming in."

'Frightening the crap out of you'

After sharing a photo of the snake wrapped around the loo roll to Facebook, Luke said he's had a great reaction from those online. "It always puts a smile on my face because this picture is making people smile and laugh and that's what I want," he said. "And there’' so many puns and jokes going around like 'I bet that gave you the sh*ts'. Everything you can imagine."

"It takes a whole new meaning of frightening the crap out of you," one Facebook user wrote about the "carpet ply-thon" while another asked if it was a "folder or a scruncher".

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