Teens filmed bus-surfing in concerning new trend

Authorities are vowing to crack down on a dangerous new trend in southeast Queensland, which has seen teenagers attempting to surf buses.

Seven News has obtained vision of two teens on top of a Brisbane City Council bus pulled over at a stop in Lutwyche.

A man called them a “pair of f****** clowns”, and the pair leap back onto the roof of a shelter.

Passengers told the bus driver about the incident, but the pair had made a hasty getaway.

Once spotted, the teens jumped off the bus onto the shelter roof. Source: 7 News

Even more concerning is the fact the bus was heading for a tunnel.

Passenger Aubrey Jaye said he told the pair to get off the bus roof but they told him to be quiet.

He said the two teens also came prepared.

“One of them had a go pro started on his head the other had his face all masked up they were both had gloves on,” he said.

The bus was headed for this tunnel at Lutwyche. Source: 7 News

Seven News informed Translink of the stunt, which they were unaware of until they were shown the shocking footage.

“This footage is really disturbing, this is just crazy, it's not something we've seen on the bus network before,” Translink head Matt Longland said.

“And I'm certain we don't want to see it again.”

Train surfing has been an issue on the rail network for years and Translink are determined to ensure this is the last time it is attempted on buses.

The teens climb up the side of the shelter and run away. Source: 7 News

“It’s certainly not the place for anyone who is not trained to use that sort of infrastructure, particularly people who are hanging onto a bus,” Mr Longland said.

Police are now investigating the incident.

If caught the pair could face a hefty fine and a possible criminal record.