Teen who vanished five years ago emerges, telling police she's safe

Emily Wynell Paul disappeared five years ago when the then 14-year-old packed her bags and ran away from her Panama City home in the US state of Florida

The teenager left behind a note stating her intentions to run away, according to The Panama City News Herald.

Earlier this month her mother Pam Massimiani told police she had received letters from her missing daughter, who she hadn’t seen for over five years.

In response police put out a video on Facebook asking Ms Paul to come forward so that they could ensure her safety and officially close her missing person case.

Emily Wynell Paul, a teenager who vanished 5 years ago has reemerged, telling police that she is safe. Source: Facebook

“On August 14, 2018, Emily Paul contacted the Bay County Sheriff’s Office,” the Bay County Sherriff’s Office announced on Facebook.

“After a phone conversation, it was requested that she report to a sheriff’s office or police department so that her safety could be verified, and we could ensure the call was not being made under duress.

“Approximately 30 minutes later, a second phone call came in to the Bay County Sheriff’s Office from a police department, stating they had a female in their lobby, saying she was Emily Paul.

“At that time, we requested photographs be taken and asked that they collect other proof of her identity.”

Investigators confirmed her identity and after assuring police that she was safe, she left the police station by herself.

Investigators confirmed Emily Wynell Paul’s identity after she attended the police station and assured police that she was safe. Source: Bay County Sheriff’s Office

“An investigator with that agency spoke with Emily, one on one, for a period of time,” the Bay County Sheriff’s Office said.

“Emily stated that she was safe, she had a support system and she was happy where she was.

“She appeared to be in good health and she had arrived at the police station by herself and left by herself.”

The missing person case of Emily Paul is now officially closed.