Teen dies on back seat after friends flee horror crash

A teenager has died on the back seat of a car after his friends abandoned him after a horrific car crash.

Two teenagers fled the scene of a high-speed crash at Stafford in Brisbane’s north, leaving their 15-year-old friend to die in the back seat of their car.

The group had been joyriding before they lost control, hit a fence, another vehicle and then a house at about 2am.

“I heard a big bang,” neighbour John Gomez said.

The accident scene in Stafford, Brisbane. Source: 7News

The car had ploughed through Mr Gomez’s fence before hitting his vehicle.

After the crash, Joshua Grey lay in the back seat of the car, injured and dying.

However, his two friends didn’t stay by his side for his final moments. Instead, they ran from the scene.

“I think it’s a bit of a cowardly act to go and leave someone in a car in that condition,” District Duty Officer Senior Sergeant Tony O’Neil said.

Neighbours tried to help the boy, but he couldn’t be saved.

The boy was left to die on the back seat of the car. Source: 7News

Robert Downing saw the two teenagers run past his house and yelled at them to stop.

“I just feel sorry for the parents that have to wake up this morning to hear the bad news about their son,” Mr Downing said.

“That’s something they’ve got to live with for the rest of their lives.”

One teen, believed to be the driver, was found at a nearby house and taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Police are still looking for the third teenager.

“I would say speed is a big factor leading to this accident,” Sergeant O’Neil said.

Police tow the car away. Source: 7News

7 News has been told emergency services who attended this scene were shaken.

“It’s a very sad set of circumstances, such a young life taken for no real reason,” Sergeant O’Neil said.

No charges have yet been laid.