Sydney school forced to introduce new Woolworths Ooshies rule

Not only have parents been caught up in the frenzy surrounding the latest Woolworths collectables, but kids seem to have become embroiled in similar dramas at school.

As a result, the Ooshies have been completely banned from a Sydney school after the toys, launched late August, caused unmanageable distractions in classrooms and in the playground.

The NSW Department of Education confirmed to Yahoo News Australia on Saturday Blacktown West Public School, west of Sydney, had banned them from school grounds.

“Blacktown West Public School has asked parents/carers not to send their children to school with these items, as they were being misplaced and creating an unnecessary distraction in the classroom,” a spokesperson said.

Pictured is Blacktown West Public School, which has banned Woolworths' Ooshies from school grounds.
Blacktown West Public School has banned Ooshies from school grounds. Source: Google Maps/Briggs Jourdan

“The school has a range of fun and engaging activities for students to participate in during break times.”

The department said the ban so far applied to just one school, while others were free to implement rules at their own discretion.

There has been no shortage of drama surrounding the latest launch of Woolworths Ooshies, with the latest controversy surrounding the promotion ending prematurely.

Shoppers were initially told they would be able to collect them on purchases of more than $30 until October 20, but it was this week confirmed stocks would run out in all states except Victoria by the weekend.

Ooshies pictured in a collector's box.
Ooshies had become too much of a distraction to students. Source: Facebook

Some collectors keen to finish their full sets have taken to online swap groups, while others have tried making a quick buck by advertising them for sale on eBay.

Lucky recipients of the ultra-rare Ooshies have advertised them for thousands, but so too have people with regular characters, some even with defective features.

Following the announcement of the early end to the promotion, some staff reported being abused by customers angry over not being able to collect the Ooshies they earned.

Even before the supermarket giant confirmed the end of the promotion, customers complained about the difficulties of completing their sets due to continually being given Ooshies they already had.

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