Sydney’s got a new superhero – The Black Rat

'The Black Rat' - Facebook

Just like Gotham, Sydney has its own superhero - ‘The Black Rat’ is taking on public safety to make the streets of Sydney’s inner west safer for all.

The martial arts expert behind the mask even has a protective ‘rat suit’ which is made from knife resistant material.

However despite his appearance, he has told the Inner West Courier that he’s not a modern day vigilante. His rat suit is more of a gimmick that he’ll be wearing for PR and public appearance.

Most of the time he’ll be patrolling the streets in everyday clothes and will carry around a ‘ratpack’ that will include a fire extinguisher, fire blanket, first aid kit and drinking water.

"The most important thing is my mobile phone," he said. "I don’t cause trouble. If I see something I will call the cops."

The reason behind the cause was his own safety after moving to St Peters from Newtown.

“I’ve had four attempted muggings," he said. "There are safety issues that someone should be dealing with and I realised that I am someone."

His first step is to tackle local street lighting and plans to organise resident petitions.

More information can be found at his Facebook page.