Surprising amount Aussies are spending on Mother’s Day

Aussies are giving mum flowers, heartfelt cards and chocolates this Mother’s Day.

Mother and daughter hugging. Person opening wallet and Australian money. Mother's Day spending money concept.
Aussies are planning to spend less this Mother’s Day. (Source: Getty)

Aussies are spending less on mum this Mother’s Day, as many households feel the pinch from the rising cost of living.

The average Aussie is planning to spend $82 on mum this year, according to a new Finder survey of 1,080 people. That’s down from $108 in 2021.

More than half of Aussies surveyed (63 per cent) said they would celebrate Mother’s Day this Sunday and give mum a present, shelling out $1 billion in total.

The most common gifts were flowers (24 per cent), chocolates (18 per cent) or taking mum out for a meal at a restaurant or cafe to celebrate (11 per cent).

Some Aussies were planning to opt for a more budget-friendly and personal gift, including writing a heartfelt card (22 per cent), crafting a gift (6 per cent) or making mum a home-cooked meal (5 per cent).

Finder shopping expert Chris Jager said there were plenty of ways to spoil mum without breaking the bank.

“While we all want to shower the mothers around us with love and gifts, it can be an unwelcome expense when many of us are feeling the pinch financially,” Jager said.

“Instead of taking your loved one out to an expensive restaurant, consider cooking her favourite meal at home or plan a relaxing picnic. Quality time spent together is priceless – it’s the thought that counts.”

Jager said many retailers offered deals and discounts around Mother’s Day, so Aussies should look out for promotional emails or check coupon sites to find deals on gifts, flowers and cards.

Aussies are being urged to be careful when shopping online, with some experts expecting to see a spike in cyber scams in the lead-up to Sunday.

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