Surprise detail in Woolworths store hailed by shoppers: 'Get in'

The supermarket giant is not messing around just a day out from Christmas.

Christmas Day has yet to pass and Woolworths customers are already seeing hot cross buns on the shelves.

Despite Easter being nearly four months away, the supermarket giant is wasting no time in allowing shoppers to get ready for the April holiday.

One shopper shared a photo to Reddit of their hot cross bun discovery in Sydney, and while early prep for holidays has triggered anger in previous years, there was plenty of festive spirit on show from other users.

"Oh yes! Get in! Xmas buns!" one person proclaimed.

"More importantly, are there Easter Eggs yet?" another asked.

Hot cross buns are appearing on shelvers earlier and earlier each year. Source: deanoau - Reddit / Getty
Hot cross buns are appearing on shelvers earlier and earlier each year. Source: deanoau - Reddit / Getty

One user said they'd seen hot cross buns on Friday a day earlier, while another said they should be sold "year round".

One person said it "made sense" to have the buns out now as there would be plenty of vacant space from all the Christmas goods snapped up recently.

Expert explains supermarkets' logic

And Gary Mortimer, Professor of Marketing and Consumer Behaviour at the Queensland University of Technology’s Business School, shared that view when speaking to Yahoo News Australia earlier in the year when Easter goods were spotted on shelves in January.

"Operationally, supermarkets need to move this seasonal inventory into the market, get it on display and get ready for the sales lift, which traditionally happens very quickly as we draw closer to Easter," he said.

“Most stores would have available space on shelves also, recently vacated by Christmas merchandise.

“Of course, from a marketing perspective, having seasonal products on show almost four months before Easter, will naturally create a conversation across socials and mainstream media."

A Woolworths spokesperson explained at the time the decision is influenced by strong customer demand.

"We know many Woolworths customers love getting a taste of what’s in store for Easter months ahead."

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