Jackson s big breakthrough - full story
Jackson's big breakthrough - full story

09 September, 2012

Reporter/producer: Tim Noonan

It’s been a big week for little Jackson Keleher and his family – strengthened by the love and support shown across the nation, Jackson has just made another major breakthrough in his battle against cerebral palsy.

The little boy who doctors said would never walk, talk or even stand up has just taken his first steps without the aid of a walker.

When Jackson’s brain was starved of oxygen after birth, doctors said that he had suffered severe brain damage, had quadriplegic cerebral palsy, and would be disabled from the neck down for life. But the love and support of his father, his primary carer, and his mother meant that Jackson’s been making slow, steady progress ever since.


It’s a story that clearly touched a nerve with the nation. Since last Sunday’s broadcast, the family have been inundated with thousands upon thousands of messages of support from across the country.

Donations to Jackson’s charitable foundation, Walk Talk Fly, exploded during the week to the point where in one 24-hour period, enough cash was raised to fund all of Jackson's medical expenses for three whole years.

To find out more about Jackson’s story or if you’d like to donate please visit Walk Talk Fly, The Jackson Keleher Cerebral Palsy Fund or like their Facebook page.

If you'd like information or advice about cerebral palsy, CLICK HERE.


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