The suburb with alarmingly high rate of sex attacks

It’s the metropolitan Australian region with five rapes or attempted rapes every single week, according to new police crime data.

On Brisbane’s south side, crime is skyrocketing, with figures both “sad and distressing,” according to Queensland’s Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington.

In Brisbane’s southern suburbs, robberies are up nearly 55 per cent, fraud has soared over 35 per cent, stealing from motor vehicles up more than 17 per cent, while assaults and sexual offences are up by nearly 16 per cent.

Queensland Police Minister Mark Ryan defended the job that police were doing to curb crime. Source: 7 News

North Brisbane fares better, but robberies are up more than 12 per cent and it’s a similar story for stealing from motor vehicles.

Senior police officers suggest some of the bad statistics are due to increased reporting, but are also reflective of the reality of Brisbane’s crime problem.

Amongst the complex drivers of crime, there is one glaring problem – the use of drugs.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that drugs are playing a part in this,” Detective Superintendent Tony Fleming said.

Queensland Police Detective Superintendent Tony Fleming said drug use was a major driver in crime. Source: 7 News

The State Government says it has been providing more resources to tackle crime, but when it comes to how those resources are deployed, that’s up to police.

“We’ve seen Labor’s soft on crime approach is simply not cutting it,” Ms Frecklington said.

But Queensland Police Minister Mark Ryan disagrees.

“The Leader of the Opposition’s comments are really quite disgusting and an attack on our police,” he said.

Queensland’s Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington has accused the state government of having a “soft on crime” approach. Source: 7 News