Chilling video shows the moment Toronto gunman opens fire

Chilling footage has emerged of a gunman opening fire in Toronto, Canada leaving a woman dead and  13 people injured.

The mass shooting took place in the Riverdale neighbourhood shortly before 10pm (local time) on Sunday in the city’s Greektown area.

Video uploaded to Twitter shows the moment the gunman fires his handgun.

The moment a gunman opens fire in Toronto, Canada. Source: Twitter/ stilez

It is not known at what point of the attack the footage was taken.

He’s seen in dark-coloured clothing with a jacket and cap. He’s also carrying a bag.  

A car drives past on the street behind him as he turns, draws his gun and fires three shots.

Toronto Police on the scene in Greektown. Source: Getty Images

It is unclear what or who he is shooting at, but the person filming quickly pulls the camera away. 

The person who filmed the incident is now helping police.

Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders said 15 people were shot, including the gunman who died after an exchange of gunfire with police.

He confirmed a young woman was also killed and a girl, aged 8 or 9, is in a critical condition.

‘Very surreal’ 

Concerned resident John Tulloch said he and his brother had just gotten out of their car when he heard about 20 to 30 gunshots.

“We just ran. We saw people starting to run so we just ran,” he said.

A resident on Danforth Street makes a phone call after a gunman opened fire in Toronto, Canada on July 22, 2018. Source: Getty Images

Mr Tulloch first thought the gunfire was the sound of fireworks going off.

“We didn’t know what it was,” he said.

“We saw people starting to run in our direction and I still didn’t know what it was.”

He added the ordeal was “very surreal, almost like it wasn’t really happening”.

“But everyone was sort of moving and going away… It was hard to believe it was real,” Mr Tulloch said.

– with Reuters