'There was blood everywhere': Woman recalls horrifying dingo attack

GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: A woman has told of her terror after being mauled by a pack of dingoes at a mine site in Western Australia’s Pilbara.

Deb Rundle, 54, suffered horrific wounds to her leg and was bitten nearly everywhere on her body except her face after three dingoes showed up at the Telfer mine site where she was working.

Ms Rundle was on her lunch break in what was meant to be a designated safe-eating area when the animals were attracted by her egg salad sandwich.

Deb Rundle, 54, suffered horrific wounds to her leg after she was mauled by three dingoes in WA’s Pilbara. Source: 7 News

The fly-in-fly-out worker said the attack started after she noticed a smaller dingo had grabbed her phone and a paper towel before racing off.

She followed the animal and then realised three dingoes were staring at her.

The woman tried to back away but they latched onto her and began tearing at the flesh on her leg and ankle down to the bone.

“There was blood everywhere on the ground and I just looked at my wounds and, ‘Oh my God’,” she said.

“I looked down and I thought, ‘Oh my, am I going to die? Are they going to get me down?’”

Ms Rundle said ‘there was blood everywhere’. Source: 7 News

Ms Rundle said she tried to get away but the dingoes “really latched on” and “just wouldn’t let go” “once they had the taste”. 

The 54-year-old screamed for 10 minutes before help arrived.

She is now recovering in hospital and thankful to be alive. Ms Rundle’s injuries could have been much worse. 

She will undergo microvascular reconstruction on Wednesday to save her foot.

The woman tried to pull away as the dingoes ripped at her flesh. File pic. Source: Getty Images

Surgeons will take skin as well as a vein and an artery from her rib cage.

They will then attach them to a vein and an artery in her foot to keep the tissue alive. 

The woman said she owed her life to her co-workers. 

”It’s amazing (and I’m) so grateful that they came to my rescue,” Ms Rundle said.