Stunning response as reporter mowed down during live cross: 'Really scary'

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A reporter struck by a car during a live broadcast on Wednesday night (local time) stunned viewers when she bounced right back and continued her live cross.

Tori Yorgey, a TV reporter for an NBC affiliate in the US state of West Virginia, was chatting to WSAZ news host Tim Irr when she was suddenly mowed down.

Footage shows a large SUV ram into Ms Yorgey’s back, forcing her and her camera to the ground.

“Oh my god. I just got hit by a car, but I’m okay!” she can be heard saying while lying on the ground.

Tori Yorgey being struck by the car.
Tori Yorgey, a 25-year-old TV reporter for an NBC affiliate in the US, was covering a water main break when she was suddenly hit by a car. Source: WSAZ

“You know that’s live TV for ya!

“It’s all good. I actually got hit by a car in college too just like that. I’m so glad I’m okay,” the 25-year-old told Mr Irr before getting back up and fixing her camera.

The woman who hit Ms Yorgey with her vehicle can be heard apologising as the journalist tried to regain her composure.

“Ma’am, you're so sweet, and you are okay,” she told the worried driver, and assured her she knew it was an accident.

After a few moments, Ms Yorgey got back to her report.

Reporter says she 'blacked out'

The 25-year-old told NBC News that after the incident she got checked out by a doctor and thankfully has no broken bones but is suffering from a sore leg and back.

She revealed that she actually has no memory of falling and getting up because she “blacked out”.

“I was standing there looking at the camera and as I'm literally about to speak, I just feel like a big old hit in my back and I just saw the car," she said.

Ms Yorgey seen bouncing back up after being hit.
The woman who hit Ms Yorgey with the car can be heard apologising as the journalist tried to regain her composure. Source: WSAZ

“I thought I was going under the wheel.

“I thought I was getting run over in that moment. It was really, really scary.”

Mr Yorgey said she didn’t stop the live cross after the fall because she felt safe and loves her job.

“I would not trade it for the world,” she told NBC.

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