'It felt heavy': Startling find inside Coke can

A snake catcher has managed to capture a venomous red-bellied black snake that found a comfortable hiding spot in a NSW backyard.

Corey Kerewaro from Reptile Relocation Sydney was called out after a family spotted a snake near some timber in their Macquarie Fields backyard.

When the snake catcher arrived, the snake had disappeared but Mr Kerewaro wasn’t ready to give up the hunt that easily.

“We started to do our search to find the snake, I picked up a can of coca cola that was on the ground and it felt heavy for an empty can.

“I turned the can around to look inside and there is the redbelly curled up in the can!” Mr Kerewaro wrote on Facebook.

A red-bellied black snake hides in a coke can (left) and four hours later it slithered out (right)
It took about four hours before the snake decided to leave the soft drink can it had slithered in to. Source: Facebook Reptile Relocation Sydney

Red-bellied black snake among most venomous

The snake thought it had found the perfect hiding spot amongst the pile of cans being stored for recycling, but being one of the most venomous snakes in the world meant Mr Kerewaro had to find a more suitable home for the reptile.

“They are highly venomous and can cause a severe bite,” Mr Kerewaro told Yahoo News Australia.

Removing the snake from the can was tricky and given it wasn’t a warm day and there was no chance of overheating, the snake catcher decided the best way to handle the situation was to patiently wait for the snake to venture out of the can itself.

“We decided the safest way for the snake to come out uninjured was to play the waiting game and let it come out all on its own,” Mr Kerewaro told Yahoo.

Four hours later the snake decided it was time to leave and slithered out of the can the same way it had entered, through the small drinking hole.

“Amazing what these guys can fit into,” Mr Kerewaro said.

The snake catchers relocated the snake to a nearby national park away from people, houses and recycling collections.

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