Worker's terrifying find in bin on Sydney train platform

Nadine Carroll
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A Sydney Trains worker got a bit of a surprise when she was emptying a bin at a Sydney train station last week.

The woman was working on the platform at Leumeah, in Sydney’s southwest, when she found a red-bellied black snake soaking up the warmth of the hiding space at the bottom of the wheelie bin.

Sydney Trains said since they don’t allow “nope ropes” on trains, they made a call to the snake handlers at Reptile Relocation Sydney to help find the “danger noodle” a more suitable hiding spot.

“One of the station staff went to change a bin over and to her surprise a nice sized red-bellied black snake was sitting at the bottom of the bin giving her a bit of fright,” snake catcher Corey Kerewaro shared on Facebook, along with a photo of the culprit.

A red-bellied black snake found hiding in a bin at a Sydney train station
A venomous red-bellied black snake was found inside a bin at a Sydney train station. Source: Sydney Trains/Reptile Relocation Sydney

Red-bellied black snakes are quite shy around humans but they are venomous when they bite, so Mr Kerewaro said it was smart of Sydney Trains staff to clear the platform so he could wrangle the snake safely.

Once the snake – dubbed “old mate” by Sydney Trains staff – was in the safe hands of Mr Kerewaro, the snake was relocated to the nearby National Park.

“Well out of the way of harmful trains,” Sydney Trains wrote on Facebook.

It’s not the first time a snake has taken a liking to a wheelie bin.

In September, Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers got a shock when they were called out to find one of the biggest pythons they had seen hiding under a wheelie bin in a Nambour garden.

Snake catcher Stu McKenzie estimated the reptile was about 10kgs and was too large to fit inside his trusty pillowcase.

“It’s not very often as snake catchers that we get genuinely surprised but when I lifted the bin and this big unit was under there...” Mr McKenzie can be heard saying in the video.

After removing the python from the backyard, Mr McKenzie and his team of snake catchers took the python out to the bush to release him back into the wild.

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