Can you spot the sneaky snake hiding in this photo?

If you have ever lost a few minutes of your life trying to find a snake hidden in an online picture, you are not alone.

On Monday Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 shared its latest guessing game asking followers to spot a snake in a picture of two bar stools which had a few magazines placed on top, with the post saying the “cheeky customer was removed from a home in Ninderry”.  

One person who labelled these brain benders the “newest edition of where’s Wally”, proclaimed they can never see the snake. And they are not the only ones.

“I’m doomed, doomed I tell you! In a picture of two chairs I do not see a snake.. it’s called spot the snake so I can’t say it’s teeny tiny hiding under the papers,” a Facebook user wrote.

“So unless it camouflaged it’s self to look like a magazine I see nothing, nothing at all .. for the love (sic).”

Can you find the snake in this picture? Source: Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7/ Facebook

Facebook users staring at the picture too long noticed their mind beginning to play tricks.

“I think I see a snout peeking under the magazine too,” one person said, and another agreed with them, writing, “something is under the magazine on the seat where the head is poking out just under the ‘P… ‘ of the title.”

Others were adamant the snake catchers shared the picture to trick people, with one person commenting, “There’s no snake in that photo.” 

It was not a hoax though. There is a tiny brown tree snake in the picture, coiled around the back leg of the chair on the right.

“Coles mini shopper snake. Very tradeable atm,” one person who spotted it joked, while another guessed,  “As for species; at that size I’m guessing – Worm.”

The tiny snake was curled up around a leg of the right stool. Source: Supplied
The snake catcher said it was a tiny hatchling, measuring less than 15 centimetres. Source: Supplied

The tiny hatchling had found its way into the home at Ninderry on the Sunshine Coast on Monday by accident and tried to hide, but was spotted by a woman who called the snake catchers.

Lockie Gilding who attended the call out said brown tree snakes are mildly venomous, and considered harmless.

He said this one was a hatchling, probably just under a year old, which measured less than 15 centimetres in length.

“It just gives people an idea of what we do day to day and the types of situations we deal with,” Mr Gilding told Yahoo7.

The snake catcher said ‘spot the snakes’ are about fun as well, and said these types of posts stress many snakes are harmless. He added if you do see one call a professional for help and have it moved on.

“It’s a better way to look at it than wanting to kill them,” he added.

And while the snake catcher described responses to these posts as being “all over the shop” sometimes, there is no question people enjoy them and they generate a conversation about snakes.

“I’m looking forward to the day someone finds a snake in the picture that the snake catchers didn’t see!” one person wrote.