The amazing moment a tarantula's egg sack is cut open

The incredible moment a tarantula’s egg sack is cut open revealing thousands of baby spiders has been captured on video.

Marita Lorbiecke, who has been breeding tarantulas for about 20 years, uploaded video of the baby arachnids on her YouTube channel “The Deadly Tarantula girl”.

She’s seen separating the mother from her egg sack before slicing it open.

“This Nhandu chromatus Brazilian Red and White tarantula, hatched in 2013 – her name is Misty and she is five years old,” Ms Lorbiecke said.

“I have been working with animals since I was young child. I became fascinated with tarantulas and other large invertebrates when I moved to New Mexico when I was eight years old. In the ‘90s, I began collecting a number of species of exotic species and began reproducing them, readily-working with these animals, as well as many others.

Misty, a Nhandu chromatus Brazilian Red and White tarantula, with her egg sack. Source: Caters

“(It) is a passion I don’t think I will ever lose.” 

The spider-breeder added the egg sack opening was “truly incredible”.

“I was astounded and overjoyed at the results,” Ms Lorbiecke said.

“I have grave concerns that many species of tarantulas may not have sustainable habitats in the wild in the foreseeable future and find their breeding and keeping fascinating and find their conservation potentially essential to their survival in the future.

“I was honoured to have witnessed and to have played a part in their survival.”

The egg sack is cut open revealing thousands of spiders. Source: Caters

Life always seems to find way.

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