Postman left spooked after chilling find draped over mailbox

A postman was stopped in his tracks when he encountered an unexpected and frightening hurdle on his mail route on Friday.

The worker approached a home in Overland Park in the US state of Kansas, but noticed they weren’t the only one interested in the mail delivery.

A large red-tailed boa constrictor was draped over the railing and letterbox.

“The poor resident did not receive their mail today (obviously),” the Overland Park Police Department tweeted.

The resident of this Overland Park property did not receive any mail that day. Source: @OverlandPark_PD/ Twitter

Local police said the postal worker called animal control about the slippery situation, but the first responding officer needed backup.

“It was too big for her to get and put in a box by herself so called in her boss, the police came,” neighbour Holly Gibson told 41 Action News.

Ms Gibson said the serpent was the biggest snake she had ever seen and “looked like it had just had lunch.”

A reptile breeder named Dr. Larry Holtfrerich told the news outlet that this particular reptile was very docile, well cared for and about six or seven years old.

The postal worker alerted animal control. Source: @OverlandPark_PD/ Twitter
The boa constrictor was an unexpected obstacle for a mailman last week. Source: @OverlandPark_PD/ Twitter

“This one here is about six to seven feet, that’s about full grown they can get up to 10 feet,” Dr. Holtfrerich said.

Police believe the snake is someone’s pet, and are hoping its owner comes forward.