Speed camera operator accused of 'morally wrong' roadside move

People are questioning the rules for mobile speed camera warning signs after photos were shared of them spotted in 'sneaky' locations.

After years of controversy and confusion, NSW speed camera warning signs were reintroduced early this year. But questions are being asked over where the signs can be placed, with one motorist sharing an image of a warning sign hidden behind parked cars.

The photo taken in Sydney's west shows a mobile speed camera vehicle parked off the road and ahead of it can be seen a warning sign next to the footpath, but it is placed alongside several parked cars — out of sight of passing drivers.

"Let's see how many things you can spot wrong here," the fuming Aussie shared in a local Facebook group with the photo of the sign.

A mobile speed camera warning sign hidden behind parked cars in Sydney's west.  Source: Facebook / Transport for NSW
Can you spot the speed camera sign hidden behind parked cars (left)? Source: Facebook / Transport for NSW

It's the second photo in a matter of weeks that has been shared showing what appears to be hidden warning signs for a mobile speed camera.

"The sign isn’t visible so this is illegal, what location is [this] so it can be reported," one person responded.

"All legal, but as I said morally it’s wrong," a third replied.

Yahoo understands that in this specific situation, the speed camera operator was packing up and no fines were being given out at the time the photo was taken. A Transport for NSW spokesperson said the signs are intended to be visible.

"The NSW Government is committed to ensuring mobile speed camera (MSC) signage is visible to motorists to provide a warning, and allow motorists to adjust their behaviour," a Transport for NSW spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia.

Are mobile speed camera operators required to put up warning signs?

While fixed cameras are used in high-risk locations where there is a history of serious accidents, mobile speed cameras help enforce speed limits. The mobile speed cameras are usually operated by staff from a division of Transport for NSW.

After a review earlier this year, all mobile speed camera vehicles in NSW must carry portable warning signs in addition to a retractable rooftop sign.

"Four signs in total are deployed for every session, which means the mobile speed camera program is one of the most visible and transparent in Australia and the world," the spokesperson said.

The signs include:

  • The first portable warning sign placed between 180m and 250m on approach to the MSC vehicle.

  • The second portable warning sign placed between 30m and 60m on approach to the MSC vehicle.

  • A retractable rooftop sign mounted on the mobile speed camera vehicle.

  • The final portable sign is placed between 30m and 60 metres after passing the MSC vehicle.

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Warning signs reintroduced after huge uptick in fines

Speed camera warning signs were scrapped in NSW in late 2020, which caused considerable backlash.

"It became a situation where this program was collecting more from low-range speeding fines in one month than they did in the previous 12 months," incoming premier Chris Minns said in April after the warning signs were reintroduced.

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