Driver slams 'sneaky' speed camera act on Aussie road

The warning signs have been a contentious issue for years.

An Aussie motorist is fuming over the placement of a speed camera warning sign, which Transport for NSW is now investigating. The driver claims the operator of the mobile speed camera "had the sign covered" on Tuesday morning.

In a photo shared online, a Toyota with a speed camera inside can be seen parked on the side of the road next to a grass verge. In the foreground, a portable sign warning of the upcoming camera is obscured behind a bush.

Mobile speed camera warning sign obscured by plant; Mobile speed camera vehicle
The driver said the mobile speed camera warning sign was barely visible. Source: Facebook

Some social media users said the placement of the sign beside the NSW road was "sneaky" and a deliberate tactic to catch drivers "accidentally creeping over the speed limit". However, others insisted it would've been visible to motorists.

Investigation underway

Speaking to Yahoo News Australia, Sally Webb, Transport for NSW Deputy Secretary, said they're looking into the incident. "Transport for NSW will investigate the image with the vendor and seek clarification around signage placement for this enforcement session," she said in a statement.

Warning sign controversy

Speed camera warning signs in NSW have been a controversial issue since they were canned in late 2020. Community anger over their removal, alongside the lowering of the threshold at which tickets were issued, led to it becoming a state election issue.

After the number of low-level speeding fines increased tenfold, authorities backflipped and in January 2023 the warning signs were reintroduced.

There are now four signs around all mobile speed camera enforcement operations. Two portable signs reading "Mobile speed camera ahead" are placed before the mobile speed camera vehicle, with a further portable sign reading "Your speed has been checked" after the vehicle. There is also a retractable rooftop sign mounted on the vehicle.

Among the 'most visible in world'

"The NSW Government is committed to ensuring mobile speed camera signage is visible to motorists to provide a warning and allow motorists to adjust their behaviours. That is why all mobile speed camera vehicles in NSW are now equipped to carry portable warning signs in addition to retractable rooftop signs. With four signs in total deployed for every session, the New South Wales mobile speed camera program is one of the most visible and transparent in Australia and the world."

"Speeding remains the leading contributory factor in road fatalities in NSW," Ms Webb said. "It contributes to around 40 per cent of road fatalities and 24 per cent of serious injuries — that's approximately 125 deaths and more than 1,050 serious injuries each year."

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