Motorist fumes over 'sneaky' speed camera: 'It's down right deceptive'

A Sydney resident reached out to a radio station to warn fellow residents of the speed camera danger.

A Sydney resident says mobile speed cameras are getting "even more deceptive" after a warning sign was placed in what he calls a "sneaky spot" before most traffic turns onto the road.

Long-time Padstow resident Ross Freeman was fortunate enough to spot the sign, successfully warning him of the newly set-up speed camera on Faraday Road, as he travelled from his home on the south end of the street, but was mindful that many other motorists would not be so lucky.

An. aerial map showing a speed camera in Padstow is placed on Faraday Rd, but the warning sign is at a spot before traffic enters the road.
A Padstow explained the majority of motorists would not be warned of the "sneaky" speed camera as the traffic sign isn't positioned along the most commonly taken route. Source: Google Maps

The majority of motorists who approach the speed camera do so after turning right onto the route from Alma Road, with the warning sign positioned further south on Faraday Road before the two busy roads intersect.

"You're not looking at your speedo there because you've just come out of a corner and there's oncoming traffic, so you want to make sure you're not hitting a car," the resident told 2GB.

The speed camera is also reportedly positioned on a downhill run just after the commonly taken right-turn and is apparently easily hidden by cars parked on the road.

"It's just down right deceptive the way they're doing it," he stated, sharing his neighbours all agree, before adding, "They must be making a packet".

Do authorities need to warn you of a speed camera?

From the start of the year, NSW mobile speed camera operators were again required to set up signs before and after motorists pass the speed measuring vehicles. Signs were reinstated after community anger followed the signs being removed two years earlier and the number of speeding tickets increasing 10 times.

The 2GB interview with the Padstow resident occurred on the same day another host from the radio station spoke with NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet, who slammed The City of Sydney's proposal of placing a 40km per hour speed limit on the entire council area, branding it "ridiculous".

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