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'Someone's blood': Woolworths shopper's 'appalling' find in delivery

A Woolies customer has blasted the supermarket over a disturbing item.

A mortified Woolworths shopper claims to have found a discarded wet wipe covered in blood in her online grocery delivery. The Sydney woman made the disgusting discovery while unpacking one of her bags filled with food.

"Alright Woolies - I wouldn't normally post on here but this is DISGUSTING," she wrote on the supermarket giant's Facebook page. "My food shop has just arrived and inside one of the bags, with my food, was this wipe covered in someone's blood. Yes, blood."

Blood-stained wet wipe from Woolworths
A Woolworths shopper claims to have found a blood-stained wet wipe in her shopping order. Source: Facebook/K. Jepson

The furious customer described the unsettling find as "appalling" and an "absolute health and safety hazard", adding that she couldn't touch any of the items in the bag it was found in, and that she was hesitant to unpack any of the other items in the delivery.

The woman also vented frustration with her online shopping experience over the past few months, declaring this latest incident was the "last straw". "I've had to deal with shopping being dumped at neighbours houses, expensive missing items that I have still been charged for and more," she said.

Woolworths refunds customer

A Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo News that the matter had been rectified with the customer. "We can understand the customer's concern upon finding this item in their delivery. We have spoken to the customer and apologised for what occurred. They have been provided with a refund for all fruit and vegetables in the delivery, as well as the products in the affected bag," the spokesperson said.

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