Woolworths shopper slams 'lazy' staff over neglected trolley bay, car park

A furious Woolworths customer has criticised staff at a Queensland store after the car park was covered in rubbish, trolleys abandoned and the plastic returns bin left overflowing.

The shopper unleashed online posting a complaint directly to Woolworths' Facebook page about her disappointing experience at the Warner store in Queensland's Moreton Bay region on Saturday night.

The shopper began her rant by saying she understood "many people are away with sickness" as the country grapples with a horror flu season.

She went on to describe the store at the MarketPlace shopping centre as being "relatively quiet" when she came across trolleys "absolutely everywhere" in the car park, and "rubbish and squished up boxes" around the service desk while staff stood around "talking and laughing".

A photo of an empty trolley bay a Woolworths store at Warner, QLD. Source: Facebook/Sarah McDonald
Staff at the Woolworths store in Warner, Queensland have been accused of being lazy after the trolley bay was left empty on Saturday night. Source: Facebook/Sarah McDonald

"Not a single trolley in the trolley bay with rubbish everywhere in the bay," she wrote.

"...making customers walk back out and get a trolley from the car park sort of doesn't live up to your 'superior customer service' Woolworths prides themselves on," she continued.

The woman went on to explain she wasn't impressed after staff continued to talk among themselves after she informed them of the situation.

"Absolutely NO urgency at all," she wrote.

Around half an hour later when she had finished her shopping, Ms McDonald noticed the trolley bay was still empty, and the plastic return bin was overflowing with bundles of bags on the floor, which she worried would cause a "trip hazard" to other customers.

"I as the customer picked up the bags and moved them as close as I could to the bin so no one would trip and injure themselves," she said.

"...something that I feel I shouldn't have had to do as the urgency to empty this bin and keep customers safe should be a priority for Woolworths and their staff."

A photo of a bin overflowing with rubbish bags outside a Woolworths store at Warner, QLD. Source: Facebook/Sarah McDonald
The angry shopper picked up bundles of plastic bags off the floor and moved them closer to the overflowing bin. Source: Facebook/Sarah McDonald

But when she turned to the service desk, she claims staff were still talking and "not really doing a lot".

"I know no one really wants to work on a Saturday but this is literally taking 'not working' to the next level."

She urged the supermarket giant to take her post as "constructive criticism", warning the state of their stores will impact how customers spend.

"...the accessibility of the trolleys it's the difference if I spend $10 or $100," she admitted.

A fellow Woolworths customer praised Ms McDonald for speaking out.

"Hey well said and the store manager should know how lazy some of his staff are so they pick up their games, otherwise give a job to those that really want to work," the man responded.

A stock photo of a Woolworths sign. Source: AAP
Woolworths responded online thanking the furious customer for reaching out and requested more information about her visit to the store. Source: AAP

Woolworths was quick to respond online, thanking Ms McDonald for reaching out.

"We're sorry to hear about this experience at our Warner store, we appreciate you bringing this to our attention," a representative of the supermarket commented while requesting more information about her visit.

A Woolworths spokesperson confirmed to Yahoo News the store had reached out to the customer.

"The customer’s feedback has been shared directly with the store operations team, who have since followed up with the store," the spokesperson said.

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