Woolworths shopper rages over raided egg cartons amid shortages

Cunning shoppers are pilfering the egg section at Woolworths, leaving behind half-filled cartons of broken shells.

The desperate measure has infuriated other shoppers as they scramble to purchase the household staple.

One customer lashed out after discovering almost every carton of eggs at Woolworths in Engadine, NSW, had been rummaged through.

Damaged egg cartons on shelves at Woolworths
A shopper has lashed out after all the egg cartons at a Woolworths store had been rummaged through. Source: Facebook

The shopper took to Facebook to slam the move as "absolutely disgraceful".

"Whoever is shopping for eggs at Engadine Woolies and decided to rummage through every single carton should understand that they are absolutely disgraceful and an embarrassment for this kind of mess," the frustrated Sydneysider posted on Facebook.

A confronting image of dishevelled supermarket shelves was shared alongside the post, revealing the extent of the egg panic-buying.

"If you find broken eggs, it costs $0.00 to just tell an employee and not just leave more work for them," the customer added.

Egg switching sparks debate

The shopper's online rant sparked a fiery debate about whether it's wrong to switch eggs from one cartoon to another.

"Who does that?" questioned one woman.

"Scary part is they walk amongst us," another said.

However, some defended swapping out broken eggs.

"If I'm paying for 12 I'd like 12 of them to be edible," one shopper responded.

One man described the move as "outright wrong" and jokingly added "that person needs eggsterminating".

It wasn't long before other users laid some puns.

"This is no yolk," commented one person.

"Is this post an eggsaggeration?" another questioned, to which someone responded, "more of an eggsample of what people make time to complain about".

"Maybe they were just eggsalted at finding eggs and couldn't contain their eggcitement," one woman commented.

Shoppers are frustrated as eggs disappear from shelves at Coles and Woolies. Credit: Facebook/R. Hatto
Shoppers are frustrated as eggs disappear from shelves at Coles and Woolies. Credit: Facebook/R. Hatto

Supermarkets grappling with egg shortage

The incident comes after shoppers raged last week after struggling to find eggs, with major supermarkets blaming supply issues for the bare shelves.

A Woolworths spokesperson confirmed there had been reduced production on a number of farms, which had resulted in supply issues with eggs in some regions.

"While we continue to deliver eggs to our stores regularly, customers may notice reduced availability at the moment and we thank them for their patience and understanding," the spokesperson said in a statement.

The supermarket giant also said they are in close contact with suppliers to "increase the availability of eggs in stores as soon as possible".

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