Coles, Woolies shoppers rage as ANOTHER staple disappears from shelves

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Coles and Woolworths customers have expressed frustration over another household staple missing from supermarket shelves.

Shoppers reporting that eggs have disappeared from shelves across the country have not just expressed their frustration over the matter, but over the whole supply chain issue that has rattled the fresh food sector.

Frustration and anger

Amid the lettuce shortage and rising costs of living, Australian shoppers have appeared to become increasingly frustrated and are sharing their thoughts on these issues online.

Empty egg shelves in Coles supermarket
Shoppers are frustrated as eggs disappear from shelves at Coles and Woolies. Credit: Facebook/R. Hatto

"Isn't it amazing? We have chicken farms here just out of Perth and have always had eggs now suddenly the chickens are not laying eggs anymore. Have they been paid off to pretend that there’s an egg shortage? Same as fruit and vegetables," one woman commented on Twitter.

"Egg shortage now. What next?" a frustrated shopper commented.

"Woolworths finally admits to a 'shortage' since the shortage has now hit the eastern states. WA shoppers have been asking Woolies for weeks why egg shelves are empty only to be told the lie 'higher demand', we don't appreciate being lied to, & don't appreciate your staff mandates," another angry shopper posted.

"My thoughts, there are so many food and essential items in short supply, something is definitely wrong. It does not take much for the system to break down," another opined.

Reasons for egg shortage revealed

Woolworths, which released a statement on the egg shortage on Wednesday, explained the lack of supply is due to reduced production on a number of farms in some regions.

The supermarket giant also said they are in close contact with suppliers to "increase the availability of eggs in stores as soon as possible".

Australian egg producers however claim there are no shortages despite the empty shelves.

In a report by ABC Rural, Australian Eggs managing director Rowan McMonnies said there was no imbalance between supply and demand, but that there were disruptions to the industry supply chain due to inflationary pressures.

"Egg farmers are feeling this as much as other food producers with the price of feed, power and transport up significantly in a short period. This can be disruptive as they need to move their egg supply to products, segments and customers that are able to cover as much of this increase as possible," he was quoted as saying.

"However, consumers can have confidence that if eggs can't be found at one store, they will be at another."

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